The Rise of Book Prices at De Anza College

De Anza College Students express their thoughts on the rise of book prices.



De Anza College Bookstore, Photo Courtesy of Patrick S.

With a large majority of students paying well over $100 to satisfy book requirements from all types of majors and college-required fields already, book publishers are steadily raising the prices of their books as the years go by.

In an insider report done by La Voz Writer Daniel Chartock, it is revealed that the growth of book prices have started to get larger and larger. “The prices [for books] have steadily increased prices over the years, dramatically,” said Director of the De Anza Bookstore Jeri Montgomery. From 2007-2017, the bookstore has been seen to have marked up the pricing of books by approximately 23%, which is about 0.9% (22.4) higher than the national average in a case study done by a 2007 College Store Industrial Report by the National Association of College Stores.

De Anza College Student and a second-year business major, Darlene Lai feels she pays too much.

“I feel all my money that I work hard for goes towards textbooks”

With these numbers steadily getting higher and higher, some students are looking for an alternative. According to an anonymous survey done in 2013 that included 75 De Anza students, 36 of the 75 students asked were shown to lean towards Amazon as their source for book buying.

Alternatively, the bookstore Premiere, which although didn’t offer books as cheap as Amazon; offered a lower price on books than De Anza Bookstore’s buying and rental prices.

However a student feels the prices currently in place are actually appropriate. “In my opinion… the prices of books really haven’t changed, with the option of applying for financial aid if someone finds themselves surviving on low income has always been there.” With the mixture of opinion regarding the cost for books, Jarra Gojolo, a La Voz Staff Reporter makes his voice heard regarding the subject of prices. Gojolo’s alternative to paying less towards De Anza books is by using older versions in order to save costs with little to less of any change in regards to the book contents. With cheaper alternatives and the hope for book costs to be lowered, students should hopefully stress less on books, and be able to focus on the betterment of their learning.

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